Tigre Tierra Grout Packers

Grout Packer - Features Include

Steel cable reinforced glands. Our glands retain run-in diameter and hold dimensional stability throughout their service life. Other packers may feature glands strengthened with synthetic fibers. Demand steel cable to protect your investment.

  • Best ratio of through-pipe I.D. to packer O.D. in the Industry. For example, 1.66" O.D. packers are available with 3/4" I.D. center tubes. That means smooth, high volume grout flow so that you can do the job right and do it fast.
  • Stainless steel center tubes.Standard with every packer so that you never have to worry about pitting or corrosion.
  • Integral tube scrapers. Removes grout adhering to the outside of the center tube each time the packer deflates.

Grout Packer - Specifications (Shown in Chart Below)
Notes for Chart Below:
* Larger center tubes available. Call 610-417-8928 for sizes.
** Model 23B, 34B and 36 also available in 10 inch and 55 inch lengths. Other custom lengths available.
*** Grout Packer Specifications Only.

Larger center tubes available. (Model 36-1.5/38, model 47 2.0/50.5, model 610 3.0/76) Model 12 and 23B also available as double grout packers to be used in Tube a Manchette. Models 23B, 34B, and 36 are available in 15 inch and 60 inch length elements.
Custom lengths available.

Note: Because of our continuing effort for product improvement, dimensions are subject to change.

Tigre Tierra Wireline Packers

The Tigre Tierra Wireline Inflatable Packer System is a time saving method of conducting permeability testing during core drilling. The test is carried out with the drill string in place, reducing the time required to test in open or unstable formations. Available for all makes of wireline core barrels, Tigre Tierra Wireline Packers are easily repaired in the field in just minutes.

Our wireline packers incorporate a bumber that rests inside the throat of the dril bit. When one bumper is worn, the gland union can be reversed and a new bumper placed toward the drill bit. The glands are constructed of steel-reinforced natural rubbeer, while the center tube is made of qualith 304 grade stainless steel.

A compression cap on the Tigre Tierra Seal Tee Assembly prevents pressure loss around the composite cable during testing. The composite cable itself is composed of a high pressure nylon tube for inflation, and a steel cable to lower and retrieve the wireline packer. The seal tee terminates the drill string and has a one inch NPT port for injection purposes.

For testing specific zones, a Tigre Tierra Zone Packer can be attached easily to the lower end of the wireline. The wireline packer is inverted, and the zone packer is connected by using a perforated tube the length of the required test zone. An inflation tube connects the wireline packer and zone packer for simultaneous inflation.

Tigre Tierra Groundwater Monitoring Packers

The Tigre Tierra Groundwater Monitoring Packer, manufactured by Aardvark Packers, is a fixed end style packer constructed of inert materials. It is available for 2" and larger casing or boreholes. Multiple packers can be used with a sampling pump to isolate a specific zone in a test well. This method may also be used for obtaining vacuum samples.

Groundwater Monitoring Packer Features:

  • Constructed of Type 316 stainless steel and Viton or Viton clad gland elements.
  • Can be inflated either pneumatically or hydraulically.
  • Able to withstand 200 psi internal pressure.
  • A variety of through tubes and threaded end fittings are available.
  • Can be set up with transducer access tubes.
  • Ideal for portable or dedicated systems.
  • Multiple packers may be inflated simultaneously or separately.

Groundwater Monitoring Packer Applications:

  • Designed for use above or below airlift, bladder or piston sampling pumps to reduce purge time and volume.
  • May be used for methane gas control and collection in landfills and mines.
  • Vacuum sampling under leachate pads.
  • Monitoring formation pressures.
  • Can be set at water level to prevent water intrusion during vacuum sampling.
  • Custom designed systems for your specific site requirements.

Groundwater Monitoring Packer Accessories:

  • 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" inflation fittings.
  • Stainless steel cable and eye bolts for lowering.
  • Nitrogen regulators with quick disconnects.